"With that first kiss of smoky and earthy aroma that delicately covers the palate, we know that we have tasted a mezcal, the drink of the Gods."

A sacred liquor for the people of the indigenous regions in Mexico, made with traditional methods even today, mezcal, captures the nature of its origin in the land and the essence of Mexican culture.

We are proud to deliver to the world our fine flavored mezcal, artisan liquor made with espadin agave, the most succulent of its kind, cultivated for eight years and which results in a product worth celebrating in the world as part of Mexican culture.

Its origin is authentic from the Santiago Matatlán region, Oaxaca, mezcal capital of the world, doubly distilled in copper stills, strictly preserving the artisan character, which provides a delicate and smoky flavor that prevails in every sip.

The myth tells that the eye observes the universe to recharge its energy and feed the earth by blessing the agave, together with the mystique of the artisanal process, the agave takes a spiritual path, in which it achieves its perfect aroma and flavor, becoming:

The elixir of the Gods.